Written by some of my  previous happy clients;

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I have been petrified of spiders as far as I can remember back and I am now 57! over the years it has got progressively worse and due to the fact that I now work in an environment where spiders are in abundance and there is no one to ask to remove them I knew I had to do something about it, especially when I had my last ‘melt down’ when I just sat and cried in the office to the point that I could hardly breathe, I am not exaggerating it really had got that bad.
I decided to explore hypnotherapy and came across Debbie after doing a ‘Google’ search.  I met with Debbie for a free consultation at her office in Telford and she confirmed to me that she felt she would be able to help me.  I was booked in for the following week, which was an interesting session, I did leave the session wondering if this was going to work…. honestly, it has been amazing, I am totally cured of my fear of spiders, I don’t even think about them now and when confronted, I either remove them or sometimes just leave them be if I can’t be bothered to get up and put them out.  I am so grateful to Debbie for ‘curing’ me.
Wendi Beamson

When I sought help from Debbie I’d been a smoker for many years, on about 20 a day. I’d tried every method out there without success so I had my concerns about hypnosis but decided to give working with Debbie a try as a friend had recommended her. Well I’m so glad I did because now I’ve finally kicked the habit easily and painlessly.

Peter Hall

WOW I’m so happy, just passed my driving test  which I couldn’t have done without having hypnotherapy, my nerves would have got the better of me like they did on my last 2 tests. I was  calm during my test, felt in control. : ) thanks so much Debbie for helping me !!!

Katie C. Telford

Had hypnotherapy with Debbie last year. I’m overjoyed at dropping two dress sizes and I’ve easily maintained a healthy weight since.

Michelle Hill

Amazing experience! Pleasing result…I highly recommend Debbie at Telford Hypnotherapy 

Beth James

I recently started suffering from anxiety and panic attacks. After a very brief consultation with my doctor I was prescribed anxiety medication. I was extremely reluctant to take these tablets and decided to look at alternatives to help with my situation.
I contacted Debbie, and after a Thrive course I feel like a different person.  I no longer have dizzy spells or panic attacks and I know what ever happens in my life I will be able to deal with it positively.

Debbie has been an enormous help to me. Not only is she polite, friendly and professional but she will always go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. Thank you.

Julie Lloyd

I approached Debbie because I was feeling anxious about a forthcoming family trip to America.  I had had previous problems with anxiety on flights and it was beginning to affect every day life too.  Getting into lifts, cars, even shopping were difficult.  Debbie helped to relax me and talk through these worries.  Her approach was welcoming and friendly and she really put me at ease about trying hypnotherapy.  The results were amazing.  Not only myself but my family were really impressed.  I managed the flights, all four with ease.  I felt relaxed and was able to enjoy the holiday of a lifetime with my family which was all thanks to Debbie.  I would highly recommend her to anyone with similar problems.

Lesley Williams

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie recently. She helped me work through some issues I found difficult to resolve myself. I had a hard time getting over a break up, processing the emotions to close the chapter and I found the work I did with Debbie helped to resolve the emotions pertaining to the loss of my partner.

 I know it seems unconventional to choose hypnotherapy to get over a break up but I believe everything can be resolved by working with the mind. The internal dialogue we repeat to ourselves, or the beliefs that we think we hold, aren’t even true sometimes.
I have previously used hypnotherapy to over come some other personal difficulties I have faced but I was new to Cognitive Integration Processing. Debbie recommended this would be the best course of action for what I hoped to achieve from the sessions, and she was indeed correct. The ability to use this technique empowered me to resolve my issues. Thank you for all your help Debbie.
I know that if I ever need any further assistance I won’t hesitate to get in touch and work with Debbie again.  so for those of you who  have your reservations about how hypnotherapy works and all the myths associated to it, I would definitely recommend speaking to Debbie to understand how she can help, just in the same way she helped me! The quality of our life is highly dependent on the state of thoughts, it’s worth giving hypnotherapy a try, what do you have to lose? 

G. K .

After many ,many years of self help books, hypnosis ,EFT  etc for phobia and anxiety I rang Debbie to see if another session of hypnosis would rid me of my phobia. After a fairly long consultation (free of charge) Debbie suggested that I go along to see her with a view to doing the Thrive method . She provided the book which we worked through together over only four sessions . As soon as I began to read the manual I saw that at last this could be the thing that was going to help me . The manual is so easy to work through , and , with Debbie’s help , I was able to see that my problems were “learned and reinforced behaviour ” . Over the years of phobia I had managed to convince myself that it was a very real problem . I can honestly say that the Thrive course has changed my thinking completely . It not only helped with my phobia but also with the poor self esteem which I had had for as long as I can remember . In the time since I went to Debbie I’ve had a couple of “wobbles ” but just a quick recap of a couple of chapters seems to put me back on track . I don’t seem to need to go thro the whole manual. A couple of chapters reminds me of where I am ! I found Debbie very easy to talk to and have no hesitation in recommending both her and the “Thrive ” method !


Having done the Thrive Course I’m a much more confident person,When I came to Debbie first i was nervous of travelling had a fear of heights and also didn’t like being in crowds , After my first session i started to face my fears and actually liked myself
As i read through the Thrive book i began to realise that it was me stopping myself doing so much and gradually lost my phobias Thank You Thrive and Debbie

Andy Jones