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How Hypnosis could help you!

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Hypnosis & Psychotherapy have been helping people to deal with a wide range of  problems for at least 100 years.

Millions of people worldwide have used Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, overcome Fears & Phobias (such as the Fear of Flying, spiders, lifts, or the fear of being sick -Emetophobia), help the pain of Irritable Bowel, overcome low Self Confidence, Social anxiety, Exam stress/nerves and learnt to manage Stress & Anxiety and much, much more….in fact the list is endless.

Below in a little more detail, are just some of the problems that can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

Quit Smoking

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You want to stop smoking but have tried & failed on numerous occasions?…. then you should definitely try our “Stop Smoking Easily Hypnotherapy” session.

Scientific research carried out by New Scientist has shown that quitting smoking with hypnosis is the most effective way to quit cigarettes permanently.

Our own specialised Smoking Cessation session combines Clinical Hypnosis along with a discussion around some of your beliefs about Smoking and Nicotine addiction, then changing them so that you develop the mind-set of a “non-smoker” as opposed to an “ex smoker”

Only one session is required! regardless of how long you have been a smoker, or  how many a day you  smoke.

Weight Control – Become your ideal size and feel happy and confident in yourself                    


Change your relationship with food for good… Say goodbye to diets, which often only serve to make us put all the weight, or even more back on once  we have tired of them. Diets are unrealistic in the long term.  Also, as we are programmed to want what we can’t have, dieting often  leads to obsessing about food which is far from helpful in our quest to lose that unwanted excess weight.  

The  Virtual Gastric Band system or  Hypno-band for weight loss is extremely effective, it works so well because it uses hypnosis to help your  subconscious mind  believe that you have been through the actual operation and that your stomach is smaller, therefore you will naturally eat less, feeling fuller quicker on smaller portions. It is a pleasant and safe method, without the possible risks of having the actual Bariatric operation, such as infection, recovery time, not to mention the expense. If you are fed up of diets then this could be your answer.

The Hypno/Virtual  Gastric Band programme is not the only option, as it isn’t for everyone, however you can still benefit from weight loss/control Hypnotherapy without the band. The sessions would be tailored to your individual  needs, focusing on your own personal challenges and helping  you on your way to a slimmer  you.


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety                                                     


Social anxiety




 Anxiety & Panic disorders are seemingly becoming more common. Maybe this is partly due  to the enormous pressures felt by people to “succeed” or “perform” according to society’s expectations. I see many people who  also suffer with social anxiety, the feeling of being judged and worrying what others think of them. The under lying cause is most often due to not feeling “good enough” which is linked to “self esteem”.

Hypnosis is also great for escaping the daily  stresses of life. Maybe you are stressed due to work   commitments or being a parent or carer. Stress can hit any one of us at some point, and the wrong kind of stress can be damaging to our mind and body.  It’s  so good to have some  time out now and again, just for ourselves,  to relax and unwind. Many of my clients  report how much better they sleep after their RELAXATION sessions.


Fears & Phobias                                                                                                                              

 dd-fearsHypnotherapy can help you to overcome your  Fear or Phobia.

Common ones include the  fear of needles/injections. flying, spiders, and Enclosed Spaces (Claustrophobia).

If your problem is not mentioned here, please feel free to get in touch as there are too many to list here. 

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