Frequently asked questions

Put simply, Hypnotherapy is the combination of Therapeutic Hypnosis and another Therapy Technique. Hypnosis itself is a completely normal state which people regularly experience in their day to day lives, although of course people may not always be aware that this has happened.

people-holding-question-marks-in-front-of-faces picPerhaps the best way of describing Hypnosis is to say that it is in fact a state of heightened  awareness rather than some sort of “sleep” state, a specific state in which the Conscious and Subconscious mind can function simultaneously.

The most common example of this “state” is experienced when driving our car along a familiar route and on arrival at our destination wondering how we got there!

What has actually happened, of course, is that we have allowed our Subconscious Mind to handle the Driving whilst we have used our conscious mind to think or deal with some other train of thought. In this state of Hypnosis, we have successfully negotiated two different things at the same time – we have been more aware!

When we use Hypnosis in the therapeutic environment, for example with Clinical Hypnosis, we take full advantage of this effect to either access inner strengths and resources that all people have to overcome the problem that they wish to solve.

Can I be  Hypnotised?

Anybody who is “of sound mind”, average intelligence and is willing to participate in the process CAN experience the Hypnotic State and benefit from the experience

Will I lose control 

You will certainly not be under any “control” or lose control of yourself. If you felt the need to terminate the experience at any point you could easily do so, although why would you want to? Hypnosis is a “permissive” state that requires “consent” for both parties to be effective.

Recent research has shown that the Hypnotic state is a distinctly different state to normal everyday functioning and simply experiencing Hypnosis can have quite a profoundly positive effect on people.

How effective is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis and its use in Hypnotherapy is not magic and despite claims to the contrary, cannot make anybody do anything that they do not want to do. However, if you are ready and willing to change, then Hypnosis is a powerful tool that has been proven to be effective for a very wide range of problems.

What kind of Problems can be helped with Hypnotherapy?

For at least 100 years Hypnotherapy has been helping people to overcome all sorts of problems (longer in fact than the current Medicine based approach to “illness”) and ailments. It is probably best to say that for almost any problem that is the result of a Psychological cause rather than a Physiological cause (A Physiological cause is one that is the result some sort of actual chemical, Genetic or Biological problem inside the person) can be helped with Hypnotherapy.

The Types of problems that respond well to  Hypnotherapy are problems such as:

Fears and Phobias such as the Fear of Flying, Fear of Needles or Injections, The Fear of Public Speaking (considered one of the most common Fears!) or other common Phobias such as the Fear of Spiders, dogs or Birds.

Research in the highly regarded “New Scientist” publication showed that the most effective method of Quitting Smoking is Hypnotherapy and most people will know somebody who has quit with Hypnosis.

Weight control  and Slimming with Hypnosis  continues to be very popular and I am able to offer several different systems each having their own merit, such as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy (The Hypno-Band System / Virtual Gastric Band that has been widely reported in the media over the last few years).

Other issues that can be helped are Anxiety, Stress, Sexual Problems or Self-Confidence

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes, however, there are some circumstances in which Hypnotherapy may be contra-indicated. Any client with a history of Psychosis should not undergo Hypnosis. (Psychosis is a condition that is caused by a real Biological problem in the Brain, such as Schizophrenia)

It is my policy to meet all clients prior to making any decision about whether or not to use Hypnosis.

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